What education do I need to be a wellness coach?

Currently in Australia there are no prerequisites or qualifications to be a wellness coach, so the answer to this question will be different for everyone. Everyone who attends the course will already have knowledge about health and wellness, and some people might require more education before they are comfortable coaching others. If you are, for example, a nurse, you probably already have a very good understanding of health and could easily apply your knowledge to helping others. If you are making a major career change, you might want some more thorough education about health.
During the workshop we will outline all sorts of paths you can choose for further education, because we recognise that everyone will be at different levels to start with.
This workshop does not cover nutritional or fitness content, but instead focuses on what skills you need to run a successful business. We will make suggestions about where you can go to get further education in specific health areas.

Is this a certification?

This workshop is not a certification. Our goal is to give you, essentially, a “business in a box”. We will give you all of the tools you need to start your own successful wellness coaching business, but it will not “certify” you to be a wellness coach. Currently there is no requirement to be certified as a wellness coach in Australia.

Will there be a workshop scheduled in my city?

At this time, all of our scheduled workshops are listed here. Many of our past participants have travelled to attend this workshop, and have benefited greatly from the experience. If you’re serious about starting your own wellness coaching business then it will be well worth the trip.

If you have a group of 12 or more people in your area, we can arrange to travel to your location to do the workshop. Please contact us by email for more details.

Is there an online version of this workshop?

No, there is not an online version of the workshop. The learning is very “hands on” and our participants benefit greatly from the in-person experience. It is also an invaluable experience to meet others who are travelling along a similar path as you. You will form bonds with the other participants that wouldn’t be possible in an online environment. Having said that the coaches manual is available online and can be purchased here.