How to escape the 9 to 5 and start your own successful Wellness Coaching business!

Brought to you by Wellness Coach Stephanie Wasylyk
and “The Wellness Coaches’ Coach” Dr Brett Hill

In this inspiring one day workshop, you will learn:

– Whether you really want to be a wellness coach and whether you are ready to be a wellness coach

– How to create your own personal wellness coaching mission statement

– What the options are for additional wellness coaching education, including where the courses are (all over the world), what the prerequisites are, how much they cost and how long they take

– How to start your wellness coaching business from scratch including location, scheduling appointments, how much to charge and what forms you will need (including samples)

– How to track your success including useful statistical analysis to ensure that your wellness coaching business is on track

– How to leverage your unique skill set to help transform people’s lives including how to conduct an actual coaching session, how to take a detailed history, how to know what is and is not inside your scope of practice, when to refer out

– How to come up with practical solutions for your clients, how to give them the best chance of success, and what to do when they succeed and when they fail

– Suggested recommendations to give to people for the most common wellness coaching clients concerns

– How to conduct follow up sessions including how to get the real truth about your clients successes and failures

– A reference of additional resurces for ongoing learning

– The critical start-up steps most coaches miss that cost them time and money

– The keys to low-cost, low-stress marketing without advertising

INCLUDES: The How To Eat An Elephant Wellness Coaches Guide by Dr Brett Hill (valued at $300)


“I went from a dead-end job to being a thriving Wellness Coach in 2 months.  I can save you time, effort, and frustration.”

-Stephanie Wasylyk


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