I loved it”!


” I was in a place where I always felt there was more to life, now I’ve found it. Today all the strands came together in the most glorious way.  I am ready to go.

I will be living my dream”. 


“The most Amazing door has been opened for my new career.  I am so blessed to have found T.B.O.W.C”.


I can’t wait to implement what I’ve learnt today into the CA coaching I already do – I can see it adding incredible value + an extra dynamic to lots of Chiropractic practices. I absolutely love the tools, practical tips and advice I received on such a wide range of topics – marketing, finances, business structure, education + communication”.


“An empowering day where Dr. Brett & Stephanie shared their knowledge, skills & passion with a new generation of wellness gurus”.


“I started the day curious about wellness coaching but it’s hard to resist the passion + enthusiasm expressed by Brett + Stephanie, I am leaving with insight + enthusiasm.  Thank you”.


“Awesome.  If there was any fence sitting on my futures it is now completely gone. Helping people take control of their health, and their life, is going to be the perfect fit for me”.


“Brilliant!  Awesome layout, organisation, explanations, breaks, movement, food, peppermint tea”!


Mind opening, full day that will make my life’s journey awesome”.